Company Profile


Brakatel.com is the consumer division of Global Technologies is a Next Generation Internet Telephony Provider, introducing to the Internet community worldwide innovative voice and advanced real time communication services over the public Internet.

Our Mission is to establish a FREE of calling charges, global Brakatel network, bypass the local telephone companies, liberate the end user from carrier barriers, and offer unlimited end-to-end Internet Telephony. Taking advantage of the on-going proliferation of low-cost broadband Internet access worldwide (such as xDSL and Wi-Fi Hotspots), Global Technologies is preparing tomorrow's infrastructure and operations framework for FREE of charges voice calls and advanced communication services. Global Technologies services are breaking free of local or national frontiers and legacy technology dependencies.

Global Technologies Group of companies has currently point of presence, operations and network infrastructure installed in UK and Europe, integrating Internet and Voice services and offering FREE and Low cost Internet Telephony, targeting both the residential private users and the small & larger scale enterprises.

Brakatel has built its own infrastructure with internationally recognized open standards. Based on a distributed business setup and the technology advance of Internet Telephony we are targeting any Internet user worldwide, especially the ones using Broadband access.

After a trial period of almost 12 months, where Global Technologies developing services were offered in more than 30 countries worldwide, commercial Global Technologies’ web site Brakatel.com has been launched.

About Barakatel

Brakatel, consumer division of Global Technologies is a pioneer broadband Internet telephony service provider. Through the utilization of their own network infrastructure, Global provides VoIP solutions for Residential, Business and Mobile VoIP customers bundled with Calling Card services. Customers benefit from lowest international rates in the market with no monthly payments and can use their service anywhere in the world with broadband connection. Founded in December 2011, Global Technologies is privately held and based in USA.